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Satomi’s Art

I would like to invite you to join me as I explore life and nature as a contemporary jewelry artist.

I grew up in a rich natural environment in Japan, and I have always enjoyed observing nature.  I learned traditional Japanese cultural practices, including flower arrangement, tea ceremony and calligraphy.  Also, my grandmother encouraged me to develop my artistic appreciation when I was a little girl.

With this background, I today live in Iowa, which is a big state in the middle of the North American Continent.   I feel a strong tie to nature wherever I am, and I enjoy traveling and experiencing different environments. I am fascinated by the mysteries and wonders of life and nature, and how matter changes in different circumstances.

Substances in and outside of the body consist of solid and fluid, and something in between.  Also, substances transform as a solid becomes fluid, and fluid becomes gas.  Over time, matter changes color, pattern, shape/ form, and substance.  This macro process in an external environment- nature- is reflected by the micro environment in our own bodies, including cell activity.  By exploring the internal environment, I focus my observations on several layers of personal femininity, including the physical, emotional, and psychological quality of being a woman.

Printmaking is one way to express my concepts.  It allows me to experiment with layering as I build my imagery.  Printmaking, and the combination of layering intrinsic to its practice, is the best way for me to express my own complex system of womanhood. In addition, this is a way to interpret changes in surface patterns, textures, and shapes I see in nature.  Initially, my ideas are unique prints that I then transform into unique jewelry pieces.

   My home is my body.  My body is connected to nature. As I observe life and nature, I see moments I want to capture in my art.  These moments become jewelry pieces, and they can be shared when the jewelry pieces are worn.  Ultimately the wearer is reconnected to nature.

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