| Happy New Year, 2015 from my studio

Happy New Year, 2015 from my studio

Happy New Year, 2015 from my studio

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A Happy New Year, 2015!

It is finally covered with a white blanket here.  It is freezing cold—-


front yard view from my house with snow

So, I am hiding in my home studio.  What am I doing?  I enjoy drawing on copper plates for etching.

IMG_6812_crop adjust

readu for etching 1

IMG_6809_crop adjust

ready for etching 2

IMG_6816_crop adjust

ready for etching 3

IMG_6964_crop adjust

etched copper covered with pigment. Now cutting as jewelry parts


By the way, I started wearing my new apron after X’mas 2014.

IMG_6778_flip_crop adjust

my new studio apron from Antwerp, Belgium

I will keep making jewelry pieces in my studio to make this year more exciting!

Please stay warm and sometime visit my site to check out what I am seeing, thinking, and doing.

Best wishes,



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