| Satomi’s Art Dream has come true and keep going (Part 2)

Satomi’s Art Dream has come true and keep going (Part 2)

Satomi’s Art Dream has come true and keep going (Part 2)

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2nd Part: the group exhibition, “Initiation 2018// Kallichoron” at Munich Jewelry Week (MJW)

I finished making a new jewelry series “Rooted” with the following artist statement.

She asked me,

“Where are you?”

I told her,

“I am here. I am always with you.”


“Yes, I am rooted, always rooted.”

My current jewelry collection “Rooted” was featured in the group show “Initiation/ Kallichoron” at Munich Jewellery Week 2018. The themes in my work have been centered on femininity for about ten years, examining the physical, psychological, and emotional layers of my personal womanhood shifting from a Japanese cultural background to the western world in North America. Most recently I have been engaged in a female artist community, and I think it is the time for my new femininity. I have been exploring a new approach to these themes in a recent artist residency workshop in Athens, in coordination with “Initiation/ Kallichoron”. I have examined the universal quality of femininity through the story of the Greek Agriculture Goddess mother, Demeter, and the loss of her daughter, Core (Persephone). How the mother goddess took care of the young, her deep sorrow at her daughter’s kidnapping, and her joy when her daughter returned. During the workshop, I found myself revisiting my childhood and how that relates to my identity and value as a woman and a visual artist. I have also discovered through this process that body movement is my new personal methodology to express emotions as an extension of my body adornment. At the opening of the show, I was a contemporary version of Demeter, performing the life of sorrow and joy with the seasonal changes between spring and winter. I was excited to share this vital energy through my jewelry pieces and performances.

Please click here to see the website on Initiation 2018 Munich 

With my new series of jewelry pieces and my first performance, I flew to Europe again for the following group show in Munich. It was my first experience to participate in a group exhibition at MJW. Our show title was “Initiation 2018/ Kallichoron,” and our group exhibition took place at Florian Trampler Gallery among 100 exhibitions at MJW from March 8th to 11th. The show included 14 international artists including myself, and our group was unique because of a wide variety in nationality and jewelry types.


My new jewelry collection, “Rooted” on display at “Initiation 2018/ Kallichoron” group show at MJW


Satomi in Action: delivered a feminine themed performance, “Rooted” on the International Women’s Day, March 8th at the opening reception of “Initiation 2018/ Kallichoron

Our international group of artists works as follows:

Loukia Richards (organizer)/ Christoph Ziegler (organizer)/ Evgenia Zoidaki/ Eva Va Kempen

Daria Borokova/ Bibi Klekachkoska/ Panayiotis Panayi

Petra Bole/ Vivien Bedwell/ Anna Lewis

Kalliopi Andrikopoulou/ Martina Turini/ Lyra Lin/ Ting Quetzaljo


When I was in Munich, I tried to visit other MJW shows.  I visited shows near to our gallery, including, “Hide & Seek” by Marta Mattsson and Anna Forsberg, “Battle of Magenta” by Jiro Kamata and Noon Passama, and “In Touch” curated by Katja Toporski and Anja Eichler.  I also visited several exhibitions one day before our show started, including “Border” by Mari Ishikawa, “Fiber World’ by Mariko Kusumoto, and “Siren” by American artist collective, and “Chaos/ Biophilia” by gallery Alliance.  I also visited Schmuch 2018/ Talent 2018/ Galleries expositions, which included Galerie MarZee, PLATINA Stockholm, Gallery Ra, ATTA Gallery, Galerie Biro, and Galerie Spektrum. There were many more attractive exhibitions that I really wanted to visit, but this did not happen because of time limitation. MJW was the place to see the variety of contemporary jewelry pieces and to meet many important people. I finally made it to Munich Jewelry Week and participated.

Some photos at other shows at MJW 2018

A big meeting night at Pinakothek der Moderne



I started unusual and intensive 2 months at the beginning of 2018.  It was a brave choice for me to apply for the international art project, which required a big budget and a lot of energy. Because of lots of generous support, I could participate in this interesting and exciting program to broaden my horizon and my art practice with an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary jewelry.  When many people started giving generous contributions to my art fundraising effort, I realized that my art dream was not only my own, but the contributors also dreamed the same dream with me, which was a strong encouragement for me to pursue this project. With this opportunity, I would like to thank people who gave me support and encouragement. A special shoutout goes to my dedicated/warm-hearted husband, Masataka Kawai, and sweet, smart, and talented local artist friends, Jillian Moore, Kelle Marie Kinser, Emily Jalinsky, Julie Staub, and Vero Rose Smith for their artistic help and support in many ways.

After I came back from Munich, I was lucky enough to have another opportunity to deliver my performance again at the opening reception of a two-person show with a painter Crit Streed, “Formation,” at the Gilded Pear Gallery in Cedar Rapids, IA, USA, on April 6th.  I modified my first in the form of collaboration with my friend, Bethany Gibson Lagani, and I employed my objects for the performance.  This type of art performance could be my new additional methodology in addition to my jewelry so that I am in a need for higher leveled skill in my body movements.  Also, I would eventually like to make objects, more specifically wearable objects, for my performance.

I have started doing some research on my next femininity projects for the next year. I would like to talk about what comes next when my plans become more concrete.

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