| “The Dream of Polifilo” by Nicolas Buffe

“The Dream of Polifilo” by Nicolas Buffe

“The Dream of Polifilo” by Nicolas Buffe

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I had an opportunity to see Nicolas Buffe’s solo exhibition in Tokyo on June 24.  After 10 minutes walk from Shingawa station, I reached Hara Contemprorary Art Museum,  located on a quiet residencial area in Shinagawa ward.   Nicolas Buffe is a French born (1978) Tokyo based artist, who works for a weired mixture of classical European baeoque, Disney-cartoon-esque cartoon, and Japanese otaku influences. Today’s exhibition is “The Dream of Polifilo.”  Nicolas transformed the museum into multimedia adventure from an obscure 15th century European novel “Hypnerotomachia Poliphili” (one of the world’s earliest books, printed in 1499.)

IMG_2760_品川 原美術館

A giant cartoony dog head was waiting for swallowing me.

What kind of venture will wait for me inside of the dog’s belly?

The story started:


Chapter 1


to the up stage




cosmic battle on the behalf of Poliphili

At the end of exhibition, I arrived the largest room of the museum.  A wall decoration with Buffe’s manga-baroque art was covered its interior.

wall decoration 1

wall decoration 1


wall decoration near the room entrance


ceiling decoration

And some hanging sculptures;


sculpture on the wall 1


sculpture on the wall 2


coming to the window

And see the outside;


Polifilo was dreaming in the shado of the tree



Everything was in Polifilo’s dream—


A good day to see the exhibition.

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  • tanatata July 31, 2014 at 8:19 pm / Reply

    Nice to know you enjoyed the exhibition. Hara Contemprorary Art Museum is one of my favorite museums. The exhibitions are always very interesting and more than expectations. One day, I would like to go there and talk about the works with you.

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