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Upcycled jewelry project

Upcycled jewelry project

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Here is my recent jewelry  project.

I have kept a couple of purses which were used to be my grandmother’s.  I initially used them, but they became older and I was not able to use them as they were.  Then, I decided to use her purse as an art material to make jewelry.  That way, I can keep her sweet memory for good.  I even share my femininity with other people.

IMG_0589_crop_300 b for blog

my grandmother’s purse in shape

I combined the upcycled leather with my slip-casted porcelain tubing for the series of jewelry pieces.


Upcycled Ring 4

Upcycled Ring 4


Upcycled Ring 10

Upcycled Ring 10



Upcycled Ring 21

Upcycled Ring 21


N3_IMG_1023_O 300b

Upcycled Necklace 3


Upcycled Necklace 9


Upcycled Necklace 10

BL3_IMG_0640_o_contrast_300 b crop

Upcycled Bracelet 3

I made a special package for this project.  My printing artist friend, Amanda Macuba nurse helped me to make screen-printied package.

IMG_0594_o_300 b

Upcycled Necklace 11 with its package


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